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These pieces range in size from one to one and a half inches in diameter. The images are first carved or molded into raw clay stamps in reverse. The stamps are then bisque fired to harden them and make them porous. This creates a unique stamp that is used to press out moist clay to create positive images. Many of these images are used in my more elaborate vessels. Here they stand alone.
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After drying for several hours, the positive images are trimmed of excess clay and allowed to dry completely. They are then bisque fired and subsequently finished with a variety of glazes or other surface treatments. Finally the pieces are fired along with my other pots to temperatures above 2350 degrees Farenheit. A small, strong magnet is then glued to the back to create a small clay gem to decorate refrigerator, washer, dryer or any other metal surface. The strong magnet will easily hold lists, photos, or artwork in place as well.
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These pieces can be purchased in an assortment of 3 for $12.00, 6 for $22.00, or 12 for $40.00. If you have specific preferences as to color or design please let me know with your order. I will do my best to send a selection that will suit you.
3 Assorted Magnets
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6 Assorted Magnets
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12 Assorted Magnets
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You may now use PayPal to make secure purchase online. For those of you who wish to purchase directly, contact information appears below. Shipping and handling charges apply, and 8.4% sales tax to shipping addresses in Washington state.
To order directly from these pictures, phone (360) 384-2543 or e-mail me. Visa, Mastercharge, and Discover cards can now be accepted over the phone, and orders will be shipped immediately upon credit card approval. Give me the number of the piece you wish to purchase. For non-credit transactions, I will hold the piece for up to two weeks awaiting the arrival of your check or money order, and shipping instructions. My mailing address is:

Michael McDowell
P. O. Box 960
Ferndale, WA 98248
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